About Us

Living in the Batesville Area requires commitment.  Our residents are committed to the natural beauty and charm of our river town that sits nestled among the beautiful and unique scenery found at the threshold of the Arkansas Delta and the Ozark Foothills.  We are committed to a welcoming, natural, easy lifestyle, and friendly people who want you to enjoy a robust livelihood and enjoy living here as much as we do!  We are committed to health and a better quality of life, and our numerous recreational outlets and initiatives prove it!  We are committed to developing our community through commerce, tourism, recreation, education, and infrastructure.  We are committed to progress--to looking forward to a better future for ourselves and Batesville Area citizens to come.  The Batesville Area is a great place to call home, and we are totally committed to you!


History of the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce is organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial, industrial, civic and general interests of the City of Batesville, Arkansas, Independence County and the surrounding trade area.

The Chamber provides a network of community promotion through its progressive program of work.  The Chamber focuses its intensive efforts for successful  economic impact and improvement and it has become a forerunner in enhancing quality of life in the Batesville Area.

History of the Batesville Chamber

Concerned businessmen and the Batesville Board of Trade merged to form the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce March 14, 1919. The original Board of Directors had 11 members that met weekly. The Gem Theatre, now called the Landers Theatre, was the first headquarters of the Chamber. The goals of the Chamber in 1919 were: obtaining a cotton compress, paving city streets, improving rail service, a bridge across the White River, flood control and better roads. Membership dues in the Chamber were $12.00 per year.

The present Chamber offices were constructed in 1964. Bricks from the old Ringold mansion, located where Marshall Dry Goods is now, were used in the construction of the present building. In 1984 the Chamber changed its name to the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce works for the betterment of the entire community. The Chamber carries on a continuing program to induce new businesses and industries to come to the Batesville area and also performs valuable services for our area's existing industries.

As a goodwill ambassador, the Chamber tells the world about the Batesville area's commercial, industrial, and historical facilities. It reflects Batesville's tradition of friendliness and hospitality brings new businesses and people to the area, which in turn improves the enjoyment of all who live here.

Batesville has been named a "Center of Excellence" through the Quality First Batesville program. Quality First Batesville is a management-training program for area businesses and their employees to teach them the skills necessary to better analyze their business. Quality Management uses the talents of the people who are doing the work to solve productivity and quality problems. The Chamber has been instrumental in developing this program, which is the first program of its kind in the state and the third in the nation. This ongoing program is designed to assist our existing companies in becoming "World Class Competitors". Businesses and industries participating in this program have saved thousands of dollars for their companies.

The goals of the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce are to continue to improve the quality of life for our citizens and to promote our area through active participation of our committees which will help the area to grow and prosper.

In addition to the projects of our Board of Directors and committees, the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce offers service to residents of the area and newcomers. We keep on file a community profile, information on civic clubs, churches, employers, restaurants, motels, and historical sites in the area. We have telephone books available at no charge to the public. City of Batesville/Independence County Maps are available for $1.00. We also have a brochure rack with information on tourist attractions in Arkansas and Southern Missouri. We help local civic groups with their projects by serving as a central location to drop off applications, forms, contest entries, etc.

The Chamber coordinates the annual Christmas Parade and the Annual White River Water Carnival.